CDP News: May 17, 2013

CDP News: May 17, 2013

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the latest edition of CDP News! Looking back over the week, it was another busy one around the Center for Deployment Psychology. We had two teams presenting two separate, but overlapping, events for our University Counseling Center Core Competency program this week. On Wednesday and Thursday, Dr. Holly O’Reilly and Laura Copland traveled down to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to instruct attendees on Cognitive Processing Therapy as part of the UC4-Extended program. Then on Thursday, Dr. Kevin Holloway and Dr. Jenna Ermold visited Illinois State University in Normal, IL to deliver the core UC4 program.

Next week is the final week to register for our 2013 Midwest Regional 1-Week Civilian Training event to be held in Madison, WI June 3-7. These five days of training will instruct providers on a wide range of issues facing Service Members, Veterans and their families. For more information about the program and specific schedule of the modules, please visit the event page here. Registration for the event closes next Friday, May 24th, so if you’re interested in attended, sign up today!

Also, on our Speakers Bureau calendar, next Tuesday, May 21, Dr. Kelly Chrestman will be in Louisville to address the University of Louisville/Military Initiative Program on the topic of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you are interested in bringing a CDP subject matter expert to your organization’s next meeting or gathering, visit our Speakers Bureau page and complete the request form there.

We’ve recently created a new section on our website to spread the word about another program that the CDP is involved in, Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP). Since 2011, the CDP has partnered with Military Family Research Institute as well as the National Guard in the state of Indiana to provide a tier-based continuing educational program for providers that focusses on the unique needs of the military community. Now the program is expanding into other states, including Michigan and more. For additional information about this program, click here to visit our SBHP section or you can find it under the “Training” header above.

The Staff Voices column this week was from Dr. Diana Dolan, who took a look at the importance of primary care providers in behavioral health. It’s an important topic and well worth a few minutes of reading. This week’s Research Update also made for some interesting reading. There are many great links and articles throughout the piece. If you missed either of them, take some time to look them over.

With that, we’re going to wrap it up for this week. We’ll catch you back here on Monday with a new installment in By the Numbers. Have a great weekend everyone!