June 8, 2012: CDP News

June 8, 2012: CDP News

The weekend is almost here, but first it's time to wrap up the week with the latest announcements from around the CDP.

On Monday, the June session of "Topics in Deployment Psychology" kicks off. This eight-day training session never fails to keep the Center busy.

Before that though, we've got a couple of speaking engagements around the country. Today our Deputy Director, Dr. Bill Brim is in Jacksonville, FL presenting on PTSD and CBT - Insomnia at the Readiness Frontiers conference. Tomorrow Dr. Paula Domenici will be just down the road delivering a workshop on PTSD at the Washington DC Psychological Association.

Finally, as a reminder, we've still got two openings for Deployment Behavioral Health Psychologists, one in San Diego, CA and another in San Antonio, TX, as well as a slot for an Administrative Assistant at the CDP headquarters in Rockville, MD. Take a look at the Jobs section for additional information on these opportunities.

Enjoy the weather and have a great weekend everyone!