By the Numbers: 1 April 2024

By the Numbers: 1 April 2024


The number of Department of Defense (DoD) "installations throughout all 50 states and Washington D.C., two U.S. territories and 25 foreign countries, according to a DoD press release -- DOD Releases Strategy to Build Resilient, Healthy Environments for Service Members and Families.

The department maintains 667,760 total physical assets including 250,000 homes and 1 million permanent and rotational beds; operational structures such as hangers, shipyards and offices; and other support facilities such as schools, hospitals, community centers and commissaries.  

DOD also manages 26 million acres of land and open spaces on military installations including outdoor recreation spaces, parks, waterways and protected areas across its portfolio.  

More than 79% of DOD installations were established before 1970, and nearly 33% of the department's buildings are more than 50 years old. 

See full report: Department of Defense Resilient and Healthy Defense Communities Strategy