By the Numbers: 10 May 2021

By the Numbers: 10 May 2021


The percent increase of telemental health appointments in the VA Health Care System from January to April of 2020. Although this level has likely fallen off as in-person appointments become more available, it’s clear that telemental health will be a much larger part of mental health care than it has been.

In a recent study consumer openness to telehealth jumped from 11% pre-COIVD to 76% post-COVID. This acceptance and utilization for telehealth can be critical for individuals in traditionally underserved populations such as individuals with disabilities, people living in areas without mental health services services, and people seeking providers who specialize in treating diverse clients. Half of all US counties don’t have any mental health professionals, further emphasizing the role telehealh can play in addressing the disparity in underserved populations.

As the challenges of COVID emerged, CDP focused on providing resources for mental health providers to effectively deliver care through telehealth with resources outlined on our COVID-19 Behavioral Health Resources page and the development of telehealth friendly forms (click here) to deliver evidence based psychotherapy.

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