By the Numbers: 11 Sept. 2017

By the Numbers: 11 Sept. 2017

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The percentage of the psychological health (PH) workforce at military treatment facilities (MTF) comprising contractors, according to a recent report from the RAND Corporation -- Delivering Clinical Practice Guideline–Concordant Care for PTSD and Major Depression in Military Treatment Facilities.

According to the RAND researchers:

Most MTF PH providers are active-duty military personnel (37 percent) or civilian government employees (45 percent). Contractors constitute a relatively small portion of the overall MTF PH workforce (18 percent), but this varies by service. For example, contractors make up 38 percent of the Navy PH workforce, but only 6 percent of the Army PH workforce.

Also, according to the report:

Master’s-level clinicians, including master’s-level psychologists (3 percent) and social workers (45 percent), make up the largest sector of the workforce (48 percent combined). The data revealed differences in workforce composition by service branch. For example, the Air Force has a higher proportion of doctoral-level psychologists (42 percent) than the Army (27 percent).