September 21, 2012: CDP News

September 21, 2012: CDP News

Here's the latest batch of news from in and around CDP. First up, we've opened up registration for our newest week-long training session Dec. 3-7 in Blacksburg, VA. Visit the event's page here, to get more information or to sign up. Registration is also continuing for our Salt Lake City training event, which is going to be held Oct. 22-26.

Also, on the topic of upcoming events, we've scheduled our next UC4 event. We'll be headed to Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke, PA on Oct. 16. We've got several other locations that are coming up as well, so keep an eye on the UC4 page to see where we will be at next. Or click here to put in a request to bring us to your local college or university!

There's a job opening with the CDP for a Deployment Behavioral Health Psychologist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, in Bethesda, MD. Visit our Jobs section for more details on the position.

On the Speakers Bureau front, yesterday our own Dr. Debra Nofziger was in Overland Park, KS to speak with to the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas about military families.

Finally, if you missed it, this week's Staff Voices column featured Dr. Regina Shillinglaw reviewed "The Assessment and Management of Suicidality," by M. David Rudd, which she calls "a resource that should be a part of every mental health provider’s library".

That's it from our end. Have a great weekend everyone!