Staff Perspective: Serious Play Conference and Online Training

Staff Perspective: Serious Play Conference and Online Training

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This week we’d like to give a shout out to Dr. Kevin Holloway, CDP’s Director of Online Programs, who presented at this year’s Serious Play Conference at George Mason University. Dr. Holloway’s presentation, “Virtual Professional Training in Evidence-Based Psychotherapies, Gaming for Behavioral Health Providers,” served as the Healthcare Keynote for the conference. Additionally, Dr. Holloway also served as one of the panelist for the “What Have We Learned in the Last 10 Years and Where are Serious Games Headed Next?” presentation.

We’re very excited to have Dr. Holloway share some of the many lessons that we here at CDP have learned regarding online training. Over the past few years, the CDP has put a significant amount of energy into creating and presenting our high-quality online training. Since our initial efforts, we’ve have over 1,200 participants in our various online evidence-based psychotherapy training events. Many of these providers never would have been able to attend a traditional face-to-face training event, for a variety of reasons. Some are unable to spare the travel time to leave their busy clinics, for other the expense and effort of travel is untenable. Whatever the reason providers are unable to travel, virtual training is an increasingly necessary part of our training arsenal.

Many people have outdated or mistaken impressions of online training. Most of us have had poor experiences with online training in the past, whether it’s a dull click-through human resources course or live webinar with a difficult to understand presenter. These often leave us with a bad taste in our mouths when it comes to online training. However, we’ve sought to avoid as many of these issues as we can by combining the best parts of our live training with the convenience and ease of being in one’s own home or workplace.

We recognize that online training isn’t going to be for everyone. We’re certainly not planning on getting rid of our in-person training anytime soon! However, we’re also aware that with the increased access of technology, new opportunities to reach a wider audience are appearing every day. We’re excited to take advantage of these avenues and hope that you are as well.

We’d like to invite you to check out our online training opportunities, whether that’s our monthly CDP Presents webinars or our multi-day EBP training in Second Life. We’ve got a great support staff willing to help you explore and learn about these new platforms, so give it a shot! If you've got any questions, we're always just an email away, so feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions or concerns you may have. We hope to "see" you all at a virtual training sometime very soon!