Staff Perspective: A Tour of the New Military Culture Homepage

Staff Perspective: A Tour of the New Military Culture Homepage

Today we’re excited to unveil the newest version of our Military Culture homepage. The Military Culture section of our website is one of the most heavily trafficked and popular sections of the Center for Deployment Psychology’s website. So we revamped the homepage to ensure we were making this section as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. There’s so much great information in there, we want to make sure as many providers as possible are able to take full advantage of all of the resources contained within. Let’s take a quick tour!

To start with, the most important section of the site is the self-paced online course “Military Culture: Core Competency for Healthcare Professionals.” This course is comprised of four separate modules that cover a range of topics. These modules are “Self-Assessment and Introduction to Military Ethos,” “Military Organization and Roles,” “Stressors and Resources,” and “Treatment, Resources, and Tools.” For a full description of each module, please click here. Once users create an account and begin the module, they’re able to save their progress. If they don’t have time to complete a module in one sitting, they log in again in the future and pick up where they left off. Each module takes approximately two hours to complete and offers two free continuing education (CE) credits upon completion, for a total of eight available credits. For specific information about CEs and eligibility, click on the “Take Module” button for each course.

The course itself isn’t the only thing available in this section though. In the process of developing the course, we came across an abundance of great information that we weren’t able to include in the course itself. We still wanted to make sure this information was available, so we decided to house on our site in this section. These sub-sections include:

Why Know About Military Culture?:  Discover the importance and rationale behind becoming military culturally competent.

Military Culture Self-Awareness Exercise:  Learn about potential biases, expectations, and beliefs regarding the military, Service members, and Veterans.

Faces of Military Culture:  Hear about various aspects of military culture directly from Service members, Veterans, and their families in a series of short topical video interviews.

How Can I Help?:  Find out how you can get started working with Service members and Veterans.

Military Culture Resources:  Here you’ll find a variety of resources to help further your understanding of the military and its unique culture.

Like all of the CDP’s website, there is a ton of information here. We invite you to spend some time browsing through the section and exploring all of the great content that’s available. If you can’t find something you’re looking for or if you have suggestions or other feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Send us an email at Keep an eye on our site and we’ve got lots more improvements and expansions planned for the site in the near future.