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By the Numbers - January 28, 2013

$150 billion

The amount requested by the Department of Defense (DoD) "to fund the pay and benefits of current and retired members of the military" for FY 2013, according to a report last fall from the Congressional Budget Office, Costs of Military Pay and Benefits in the Defense Budget. Of this amount -- roughly one-fourth of the entire military budget -- more than $90 million covers "basic pay, food and housing allowances, bonuses, and various types of special pay."

By the Numbers - January 14, 2013


The decrease in "(d)irect costs associated with mental health care" among a group of "70 veterans who completed prolonged exposure or cognitive processing therapy at a Midwestern VA medical center," according to an article in the January issue of Military Medicine -- Service Utilization Following Participation in Cognitive Processing Therapy or Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

By the Numbers - January 7, 2013


Respectively, the excess number of "ambulatory visits," hospitalizations, and hospital "bed days" among active duty service members that have occurred since the beginning of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars "than would have occurred if the pre-war experience had continued," according to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, An article in the November 2012 issue of the Center's Medical Surveillance Monthly Report -- Costs of War: Excess Health Care Burdens During the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (Relative to the Health Care Experience Pre-War) -- estimates, in numerical detail, "the health care burden related to war fighting."