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By the Numbers - July 1, 2013


The number of same-sex couples "in the active-duty force," according to a recent Army Times article, Supreme Court strikes down DOMA. The Supreme Court's June 26 decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act clears the way for married same-sex servicemember partners to access more than 100 different military benefits currently available to married couples, including military health care coverage, on-base housing, paying for the spouse who accompanies a military member "on a permanent change of station move."

By the Numbers - June 24, 2013

1.4 million and 10 million

The number of service members on active duty versus the number of people who are currently eligible for military health benefits, according to the Congressional Budget Office, which explains, "In addition to active-duty military personnel, the people who have access to health benefits include eligible family members of those personnel, retired military personnel and their eligible family members, survivors of service members who died while on active duty, and some members of the reserves and National Guard."

By the Numbers - June 10, 2013

92% and 26%

The percentages, respectively, of veterans ages 25+ who have a high school diploma and a bachelors degree, according to an infographic from the U.S. Census Bureau, A Snapshot of Our Nation's Veterans.  According to the Census Bureau, veterans are more likely than the average American to have a high school diploma but less likely to have earned a bachelor's degree.