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Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode “The NEW VA/DoD CPG for PTSD: Giving Providers a Fighting Chance”

Dr. Kevin Holloway

As many of our listeners know, the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense (VA/DoD) Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and acute stress disorder (ASD) was released in June of 2023. The CPG, designed to assist clinical decision making, provides recommendations that, in essence, give a clinician a fighting chance of identifying treatments that the research suggests should help their clients. But for many busy providers, it is a lot to unpack and digest! 

Staff Perspective: Combatting Suicide After Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Jennifer Nevers, LCSW

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month may have officially ended but the efforts being taken by the DoD continue to take shape. In March of 2022, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced the establishment of the Suicide Prevention and Response Independent Review Committee (SPRIRC). The final report from the committee was released in February of this year and outlined specific recommendations on how the DoD can improve suicide prevention efforts in areas such as treatment access, training and education, public awareness campaigns, behavioral health staffing, research, and DoD policy and regulatory issues as a whole (Iwamasa et al., 2023).

Staff Perspective: Behavioral Health Resources I Wish I Had Known About for Suicide Prevention

Professionals and researchers across the behavioral health field agree that preventing suicide is a complex problem that must be addressed at multiple levels. In honor of Suicide Prevention Month, I’d like to reflect on a couple of resources I wish I had known about earlier and share with you some resources that the Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) will release in 2024.

Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode - EBP Confessionals: We Messed Up and We Recovered From It

“What if….?” questions come up frequently as we instruct or consult on evidence-based psychotherapies (EBPs). You probably recall imagining all of the worst-case scenarios when you were first learning a new treatment. Even seasoned clinicians still find themselves asking “what if…?” questions while delivering treatment. And more than once I’ve found myself faced with that scenario that I’ve been dreading for years and suddenly have to figure out “What do I do now?”

Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode “But What if My Client Dissociates?! Practical Strategies From Our Experts”

Dr. Jenna Ermold

In our first episode of season 4, we tackle one of the top concerns we hear in our PTSD EBP workshops and consultation… “But what if my client dissociates?!”. If this has been on your list of clinical worries, worry no more! In this episode we are joined by one of CDP’s PTSD experts, Dr. Kelly Chrestman to dig into what is dissociation (and what isn’t)? What is its function? How can we best assess it? When is it likely to show up? AND most importantly, what providers can do to manage it in the context of their EBP work!