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Staff Perspective: Group Work – An Argument for Making the Process Group an Integral Element of the Treatment Protocol

Anthony McCormick, Ph.D.

From practical experience, (as discussed in a previous blog entry: Staff Voices: Integrating Deployment Experiences - The Process Group as a Critical Resource ), I am a staunch advocate for use of the process group format as an exceedingly useful resource and/or addition to the individual psychotherapy/psychopharmological treatment protocol for Service members who have deployed. Today I’d like to continue to expand upon my support of this treatment avenue. More specifically, I would like to report an observation as well as present a challenge to the community of mental health providers who serve the needs of military men and women who have deployed.

Staff Voices: The Clash Between the Ideal and the Realities of Consultation

Kelly Chrestman, Ph.D.

I recently had the privilege of working with my colleagues, Dr. David Riggs and Dr. Paula Dominici, to deliver a workshop for experienced PE therapists who are taking their skills and knowledge to the next level by becoming consultants. If you know Dave and Paula, then you are aware that the workshop was well-organized, data-driven, thorough, and extremely clinically relevant. It was a beautiful thing.

Staff Voices: Professional Quality of Life (ProQOL) Measure

Taking a Closer Look at One’s Helping Hands

As mental health providers how often do we ask ourselves, “How am I doing?”  I imagine not often enough.  However, compassion fatigue or burnout can be experienced even by the most dedicated and insightful clinicians.  Our occupational responsibility is to offer a helping hand, but it's also our ethical responsibility to look at our hands for a quick assessment of their health. Are they cracked? Are they dry? Are there any scrapes or cuts? What needs to be done to better take care of them.