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Staff Perspective: Socratic Dialogue, Part 2 - Professing Ignorance

Laura Copland

Socrates believed that there are two phases to enable others in search of an understanding of their own truth.  The Socratic Method is used in almost all behavioral health treatment and at its most simplistic is termed the use of open-ended questions.  However, Socratic Dialogue is so much more than that – an art form that allows patients to begin the process of opening up to what is the actual truth. 

Staff Perspective: What Makes a Good Metaphor in Prolonged Exposure Therapy?

Across multiple PE training workshops at which I’ve presented, we’ve discussed the importance of helping our patients understand various aspects of treatment such as rationale, procedures, the nature of the therapeutic relationship, using metaphors. A colleague and I recently discussed the use of metaphor in PE, and shared many of the metaphors we use in treatment.  We realized that many new PE therapists might benefit from considering a wide range of metaphors that could be used in PE treatment, so we present to you several PE metaphors for your consideration.