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Staff Perspective: CBT for Depression – Elements of Session Structure

Marjorie Weinstock, Ph.D.

Over the past year I’ve taught multiple workshops on “CBT for Depression in the Military” to both uniformed and civilian providers, and one of the things I’ve noticed is that participants are often unfamiliar with the general structure of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions.

Staff Perspective: Assessing Patient Readiness for Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

Carin Lefkowitz, Psy.D.

Participants at our evidence-based psychotherapy (EBP) workshops often ask how to determine when patients are ready to engage in these treatments.  When I read the article, "VA PTSD Clinic Director Perspectives: How Perceptions of Readiness Influence Delivery of Evidence-Based PTSD Treatment," I was struck by how universal these concerns are.  The article describes how providers in VA clinics across the country are addressing these concerns.  In reviewing their findings, we might reconsider the assumptions that we each make about patient readiness for EBPs.

Staff Perspective: Socratic Dialogue, Part 2 - Professing Ignorance

Laura Copland

Socrates believed that there are two phases to enable others in search of an understanding of their own truth.  The Socratic Method is used in almost all behavioral health treatment and at its most simplistic is termed the use of open-ended questions.  However, Socratic Dialogue is so much more than that – an art form that allows patients to begin the process of opening up to what is the actual truth.